People ask me all the time, why do you like to run obstacle course races?  And why do you like Spartan races so much???

When chatting with a friend of mine who wants to run a Spartan race it hit me, she said “Spartan seems like the creme de la creme, the hardest and most challenging one…that’s the one I want to do”.  And then I realized, yes!  That’s exactly it.  They are challenging and they push you outside your comfort zone and it feels pretty awesome to do something that other people are afraid to even try.

So what is a Spartan Race anyway?  A Spartan Race is an obstacle course race designed to challenge you physically and mentally and push you outside of your comfort zone.  An obstacle course race is not your average road race, they’re typically anywhere from 5 – 21 km with 10-30 obstacles such as walls, mud pits and heavy things to carry along the course.  Before you can move forward you need to complete an obstacle and if you fail to complete one there is a penalty of 30 Burpees (while at Spartan Races anyway).  Why the penalty?  I think it’s because in life there are penalties when we don’t do things and I think it encourages people to give their best effort at all the obstacles even if they’re scared or unsure if they can do it.

If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know that I love obstacle course racing, specifically, running Spartan Races.  They challenge me in ways that I never would challenge myself and crossing the finish line is amazing.  I’ve seen these races change not only my life but the lives of friends and fellow racers.  When you’re out there on the race course climbing walls, crawling through mud and carrying heavy buckets you have to dig deep and find the strength within yourself and take strength from those around you to keep going and pushing through until the end.  The reward?  A feeling like no other, elation, amazement, pride, happiness, relief, those are a few ways I’ve heard it described.

So why do I think that you should run a Spartan race this year?  Keep reading to find out.

Reason #1: Because when people say “you can’t do that” or “you’re crazy!” and then you do it anyway, that feels pretty freaking awesome!  And then you inspire those naysayers to try one too.

Reason #2: You’re never alone, even if you race alone, other racers and random strangers will be there to encourage and literally offer you a hand.  You just have to be ok with a complete stranger pushing your butt over a wall ;).  You’ll be a part of an amazing community who will accept you for who you are and they will encourage you both on and off the race course.

Reason #3: Doing the things you can’t do is the best feeling in the world plus you’ll look like a bad ass to all your friends (and have the pictures to prove it!)

Reason #4: To see what you’re made of, Spartan race promises to push you both physically and mentally, their slogan is “You’ll know at the Finish Line”

Reason #5: To prove to yourself and others that you can do the things you thought you couldn’t do, adrenaline and the encouragement and support from other racers will help you reach goals you didn’t think were possible

Reason #6: To push yourself out of your comfort zone both on the race course and in life because all the good stuff happens there and life is too short to stay inside comfort zones.

Reason #7: To be consistent with that fitness routine and training, when you commit to a goal race you have no choice but to put in the training hours if you want to cross that finish line.  I’ve never read a Spartan race transformation story that doesn’t showcase a healthier person than they were prior to running the race.

Reason #8: To be a healthy, strong role model for your kids, most of the races include a kid and youth race, it’s a great way to bond and get your kids active too

Reason #9: Because it’s time to dream your own dreams again and set some big goals.  Maybe you can’t quit your job and move to Hawaii but you can be a weekend warrior and jump over fire in your free time :).

Reason #10: Because anyone can finish a Spartan race if they’re willing to train and prepare for one.  No matter what your age you can run a Spartan race, age really is nothing but a number on that race course.  I ran my first Spartan race at age 36 and completed my first Spartan Trifecta (all three races in one calendar year) when I was 37.  You’ll see people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels on the course.

Everyone has their own reason why they want to run a Spartan Race, some are on a weight loss journey and want to push themselves physically and mentally.  Others are like me, Moms who want to be more than mom, who want to dream again and make their own goals outside of the home.  Some are bored and want to try something new and challenge themselves.  Whatever your reason is I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Join us over in my private FB group for women who run or want to run an obstacle course race for training tips, support and to ask any and all questions!  Here’s the link to join –> Ladies who obstacle course race

Need some help with training, support and accountability?  Overcoming Obstacles: An 8 Week Program to train for an Obstacle course race is an online program designed to help you train and prepare for your first Spartan Race, it’s everything I wish I had known before I ran my first race.

If you want to know more about Spartan Races or to sign up for one here is there website –

I hope to see you on the race course this summer!!