Outdoor Bootcamps

Train for a race or just have fun getting fit!

This is not your average Bootcamp!  Be prepared to work hard and get fit while having fun outside!  Every class will be different and could include anything and everything including: Hiit, Tabata, Strength, Tire flips, Sled pulls, Battle ropes, Hill Training, Rope practice and much more!!  Classes are suitable for any fitness levels and modifications can be provided for injuries, etc.

These classes are led by a certified Personal Trainer and designed to help you train and prepare for an Obstacle Course Race such as Rugged Maniac, X Warrior, Mud Hero and Spartan.  But even if you’re not training for a race these classes are a great way to change up your routine and get fit while having fun!  Training in a group is a great way to stay motivated and most people find they work harder and push themselves more than they would on their own.

Classes will take place at different locations in Airdrie (to take advantage of the varying terrain and equipment) and will include: Nose Creek Park, Jensen Park, Chinook Winds, East Lake and Good Shepard school.

Each participant will receive (in addition to classes):

  • A 30 Day Meal Plan and Recipes with nutrition guidance to help you fuel your workouts and perform at your best
  • A Learn to run guide created by a physiotherapist and run coach
  • 2 Friday evening classes to work on rope technique (optional but recommended if you are signed up for a race)
  • 2-3 Saturday Hill/Trail running group runs at Nose Hill Park in Calgary (weather dependent and optional but recommended if you are signed up for a race)
  • Key lessons to help you get ready for your race which include:
    • How to mentally prepare for your race
    • Obstacle technique and tips
    • What to wear on race day
    • What to pack in your race bag
    • What to expect on race day
    • Tapering tips for the week leading up to your race
    • Recovery tips

Bootcamp will begin again in April 2019 – Registration will open up in March – Contact us to get on the list to receive all the updates!



Meet your Trainer:

Jaclyn Ung is a certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Precision Nutrition level 1 certified self proclaimed Obstacle Course Racing junkie.  After running her first Spartan Race in 2014 she fell in love with the sport and is passionate about helping women train and prepare for running OCR’s.  Teaching outside during our short Spring/Summers is her passion and she will push you to work hard in a supportive and motivating way.


What previous participants have said about Jaclyn’s Bootcamps:

“Jaclyn’s sessions were always challenging, but she was just what I needed to push myself just that little bit extra every time. She tailored our sessions to what muscles/skills we would need to tackle the course. And she pushed us when we whined and complained (my husband was the worst! But I love that about her! ) When Rugged Maniac finally rolled around in the summer, she ran the course with us, encouraging us the whole way. I remember thinking “this is easy compared to one of Jaclyn’s sessions”. In truth, the obstacle course was challenging, but since Jaclyn had trained us so well I found most of it easier to get through. The hills were no problem because of all those squats and lunges. The farmer’s carry was easy because of all of those push-ups and tricep dips. I could easlily pull my body weight up the ropes because of all the upper body and core training. And crawling through the mud was no problem because of all of those army crawls and inch worms.I had the endurance and stamina because of all that running and those steps she added to our program. 
Honestly, I truly believe that I would not have been able to complete that course without Jaclyn. Her knowledge about OCRs was essential to our success. ~ Erin B.


What a great experience to get me to ACTUALLY do my first Spartan. It was intimidating and I had no idea how to train for a race like this. Jaclyn’s group training program kept me accountable to my training, and definitely took the fear out of the whole process! – Steph 

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