Customized Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching – an EASY solution for busy moms who like to run obstacle course races

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not a destination. 
Learn how you can consistently have more energy, eat healthy, feel strong and not spend all your time in the gym doing it.
I hear all the time from people “I was doing great before my race, working out and eating healthy…but then I fell off the wagon after and I don’t know how to get back on track”.
What if you didn’t have to get back on track??
What if you had a program to follow that changed with your busy life and someone to hold you accountable?
What if you finished your last race and didn’t have to wonder how you were going to stay on track until next race season? 


What if you had a coach to hold you accountable and keep you motivated on those days when you just don’t feel like it?


What is OCR?

OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) is a lifestyle.  Healthier choices happen when you’re training for a goal.  You want to eat healthier, improve strength and fitness.  But how can you do that when there is so much conflicting information out there?  Working with me to create lifestyle habits and nutrition changes that will last while working on your fitness will get you stronger and leaner and help you kick butt on the race course.

Setting a goal like training for a race or being able to do a pull-up or 10 push-ups from your toes takes the emphasis off the scale and stops the obsession that so many have over the number that is on it.  Measuring success not just by numbers but by how you feel, how you sleep, how much energy you have and how much stronger you are is something so many forget to do.  Working with a coach who will remind you to celebrate your successes both big and small and who will help you get back up when you fall down will help you reach those goals sooner.  

What you’ll get:

Nutrition and Fitness coaching that is proven to not only help you create healthier habits but help you stick with them – each program is customized to your individual goals and needs and you’ll not only learn what to do but why you need to do it and how it will help you reach your goals 

Customized workout program for home or the gym delivered to your phone via an app 

Nutrition coaching that will teach you the how’s and why’s and empower you to find a balance that works for you (no generic meal plans!)

Weekly email accountability check-ins and monthly coaching calls

Most importantly access to a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition consultant who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated

Why you need this program:

  • Online training bridges the gap between training for a goal, completing it and the in between to help you train for your next goal
  • The workout program is designed for you and your goals and is perfect for busy moms who only have 30-45 minutes to workout
  • No more stop and starting, no more gaining 5-10 pounds after your race and not working out for months afterwards
  • No more panic about getting race ready
  • No more fad diets, pills, powders or special foods to buy
  • Whole food based – learn how much and what to eat to reach your goals and learn how to create balance
  • No strict meal plans to follow


Not sure if Online Personal Training is right for you or have more questions?

Fill out the application form by clicking here and you’ll be contacted by email to set up a free 15 minute consult to discuss your fitness and nutrition goals within 48 hours.

About Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn, I’m a Mom, Wife, Obstacle Course Racer, Cross Fitter, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.  I get how hard it is to find time not only to workout but to eat healthy.  It’s hard to juggle all the responsibilities that us moms have.  But when you take time for yourself you’re a better mom, wife, friend, co-worker and all around happier person!  I’m here to support you and help you do that.

I’ve struggled with body image most of my life.  I always felt if I just could lose the last 10 pounds I would finally feel better about myself.  What I discovered once I started eating healthier and exercising regularly is that I feel most confident and beautiful when I am doing things to make myself stronger and healthier.  In 2014 I discovered the world of Obstacle course racing when I ran my first Spartan Race, it was something I never thought I could do at the age of 35 but I did it and I was hooked.  It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you cross that finish line and realize you did things that you never thought you could do.  It’s my passion to help women discover their full potential when they too do the things they thought they couldn’t do.  

I’m passionate about helping women fit in fitness and I love teaching them how easy it is to fit in healthy eating.  I believe in balance and I’ll help you find the balance that works for you and your family.

I’ve been training women (mostly moms) for over 5 years and it still brings me joy when I see someone go from feeling frumpy and weak to strong and confident.  It’s not always about the number on the scale, feeling strong and beautiful inside and out will bring you lasting changes.

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