The Learn to Love Running System

For people that want to learn HOW to run so they can actually ENJOY it

Most Learn to Run Programs just tell you when to run and for how long…this isn’t your average Learn to Run Program. 


This program will teach you how to run with correct form, what strength exercises to do (and when to do them) and how to fuel (aka what to eat) so that you can actually enjoy running and get the results that you are looking for.


It includes not one but two progressive run programs, 2-3 weekly strength workouts delivered right to your phone, a run form analysis and a 30 day runner’s reset nutrition guide to help you fuel your workouts so you can feel your best!




I used to HATE running – I felt slow and sloth like and it was uncomfortable.  My back and shins and knees hurt.  

I was never an athletic kid or teenager, in fact it wasn’t until my 30’s that I started working out consistently.  I started running after my oldest was born because it was “free” cardio and I could do it close to home.  But I never really liked it.  I felt like I was doing it wrong and would end up with pain in my knee that made me stop.  

I wanted to be a “runner”.  I used to see a woman in my neighbourhood running every morning on my way to work.  I wanted to be like her but every time I started to run consistently I would either stop because life got busy or the knee pain (or some other pain) came back.  

When I started running Obstacle Course Races back in 2014 I loved the stop and start of them BUT I still didn’t feel like a runner and I felt like I was always trying to keep up with my friends (or that they were constantly waiting for me at obstacles).  

It wasn’t until I learned HOW to run with correct form and what strength exercises I needed to do so that I would stop injuring myself that I actually started to enjoy it.  I’m still a work in progress (but aren’t we all?) but I FEEL LIKE A RUNNER!  

That’s why I created the Learn to Love Running System.  Because I want to help other women who want to learn how to run so that they can actually enjoy it without feeling pain. 


I was AMAZED by how much longer and faster I could run. It sometimes felt almost effortless to go out and do an “easy pace” run for 35 mins- something I thought would be impossible. I didn’t think it would ever be that comfortable to run, I didn’t think I could ever run that far or that fast.

Heather C.

How can the Learn to Love Running System help you?

The Learn to Love Running System will help you put all the pieces together – good running form + a run program + strength training + proper fuel (aka food) + recovery and stretching = a happy runner, so that you can increase your cardio endurance (i.e. run more and walk less), be consistent and strengthen all your runners muscles.  You’ll receive video analysis of your running form with advice on how you can correct any imbalances.  Learning how to improve your run form and strengthening specific muscles can reduce your risk of a running related injury.

People often tell me that they have been or are currently working through an injury.  Most often those injuries are due to poor form or muscle imbalances.  They end up at physio being told to stop running and are often afraid to start again.

Becoming a better runner will not only help you get faster and stronger but it will also help you actually enjoy running.  Whether you’re working towards a specific goal or you just want to learn how to run properly so that you can do it right and reduce your risk of getting hurt, than this is the program for you!

What’s Included:

  • Two 12 week run programs – one for beginners and one for intermediate (aka anyone currently running) 
  • 2-3 runner specific strength workouts delivered to your phone 
  • Run form analysis (done via video) with feedback on how you can improve your run form
  • Private FaceBook group for support, motivation and questions
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions on run form, nutrition and much more in the FB group
  • Weekly check ins from your coach
  • Access to your coach via the app anytime


  • Run form guide – a complete guide on run form and the most common mistakes that can lead to injuries
  • 30 day Runners Reset Nutrition Guide – learn how to fuel for your runs without counting calories or cutting out foods you love
  • Smoothie guide
  • Recipe Book

This program is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to run correctly and do it consistently
  • You’re tired of falling on and off track and need some accountability and a plan
  • You struggle to stay motivated
  • You want to get faster & stronger
  • You want to increase your cardio endurance and not dread your runs
  • You want to reduce your risk of running related injuries
  • You are a beginner and not sure where to start or are afraid of getting injured or aggravating an old injury

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are training for a marathon or a half marathon in the next 4 months – I would suggest a customized program plan instead
  • You are not cleared by your doctor to run (due to an injury or post surgery)

I could not have done this half marathon without you. When I signed up for this race, my goal was to survive it. After a few weeks of training in your program, I realized that I was going to do better that just survive. The program that you set up for me prepared me for the 21kms and the finish line was glorious.

Tanya S.


Before working with Jaclyn my running was very different! I was running harder (but going slower) and my low back was always sore after a run (I chalked this up to the impact from running). Jaclyn corrected my posture (no more low back pain!!) And now I’m not running myself exhausted and getting a better time over all.


Who am I?

My name is Jaclyn Ung and I’m the owner of Smart Fit Personal Training and Run Coaching.  I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach and Nutritional Consultant who is a passionate runner and obstacle course racer.  I’ve struggled with being the “slow runner friend” for years and over the past couple years I have worked hard on increasing my endurance and speed so that I can run faster and better more consistently.  I’ve also struggled with injuries and know first hand the benefits that runner specific strength training has on decreasing the risk of injuries (and helping with existing ones).  I think that everyone can learn to love running if they take the time to learn how to do it correctly.  

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