Are you tired of feeling slow and holding your friends back at races?  Or maybe you’ve been trying to increase your pace but nothing is working…or worse you were injured in the process?  Or you’re just starting to run but getting short of breath and feel like quitting?


During this FREE 5 Day training series I’ll teach you how to improve your running and increase your pace safely with less risk of injury.  

A lot of runners just keep running more and try to run faster every run.  They have no training plan or follow one that they found online that was generically made for no one specific.  They skip cross training aka weights because they would rather run or think it will take up hours of their time.

You’ll learn what you need to be doing to not only improve your running and run form but to decrease your risk of injury.  

During this FREE 5 Day training I’ll teach you:

  • The first thing you need to do before a run to get your body ready and decrease injury
  • My number one running form correction (this is an especially good one for anyone who struggles to breathe while running)
  • All about the three main run types – Endurance, strength and speed and how to incorporate them into your training
  • Runner specific strength training – why it’s important and I’ll share my top 3 strength training exercises for firing up the glutes
  • What you should be doing after a run and one of my favourite post run stretches
  • A Bonus FAQ sharing the questions I get asked the most about running

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So who am I to be teaching you all this stuff??  My name is Jaclyn Ung and I’m the owner of Smart Fit Personal Training.  I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Run Coach and Nutritional Consultant who is a passionate runner and obstacle course racer.  I’ve struggled with being the “slow runner friend” for years and over the past year I have worked hard on increasing my endurance and speed so that I can run faster and better.  I’ve also struggled with injuries and know first hand the benefits that runner specific strength training has on decreasing the risk of injuries (and helping with existing ones).