The Step by Step Guide to Conquering the Rope Climb at your next Spartan Race so that you can avoid doing Burpees

You’ve seen pictures and heard stories about the dreaded rope climb.  For many women it’s something that they walk past and just do the Burpees.  For others they attempt it but can’t seem to figure out how to get onto the rope let along up to the bell at the top.

That’s why I created this free guide, to help you train your grip, core and learn the technique to finally conquer this obstacle and hit that bell!

You’ll learn:

  • About the three types of grip and which one is most important for rope climbs
  • Three grip exercises and a quick workout you can do at home
  • Two core exercises you need to add into your workout and an easy way to do it
  • Beginner tips when you’re a bit nervous about heights and getting down from the rope
  • The technique I use and most of my clients use that gets them up the rope and down safely
  • Tips on ways to practice for the rope climb when you don’t have regular access to a rope