Back to Basics Nutrition Program for Runners & Obstacle Course Racers

If you are tired of fad diets that don’t work and you want to learn what foods to eat and when so you can get the most out of your workouts (AKA RESULTS) and improve your running performance than this is the program for you!  There are no shakes, pills or special foods to buy.  There is no calorie or macro counting or weighing of food.  You’ll learn how to create healthy meals that work for you and your family’s busy schedule.  This is not just an eat this and not that program – I teach you the core habits that everyone should be doing in order to reach their goals.  And they are SIMPLE…it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The fact is runners and obstacle course racers need to eat!  Cutting out a whole macro group or following a plan designed for short term weight loss is not the answer and won’t improve performance.  Learning to tune into your body and figure out what foods work for you plus learning some habits that are maintainable long term is the answer.  

Simple and Easy

Learn how to create healthy meals using my easy to use template that will ensure you get all the macronutrients you need in each meal to feel and perform at your best.

Learn the two key things that you need to do to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Learn how much of what foods to eat without counting calories, macros or weighing your food

Information delivered right to your fingertips

Each week you’ll receive:

A weekly lesson with a healthy habit to follow for the week on Monday’s

A weekly video lesson expanding on the week’s teachings on Wednesday’s

A weekly checkin on Friday’s all delivered straight to your inbox at 6 am on the assigned day

You have unlimited access to your Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and Holistic Nutritional Consultant via email

You’ll be sent a weekly tracker that you can use to help hold yourself accountable (and send back for feedback on Sunday’s)



A Recipe book full of healthy breakfast, lunch and supper ideas

A Smoothie Guide so you can create delicious post workout or morning smoothie recipes

Two – 7 Day meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to help you get started (because figuring out what to make and how to start is hard)

An easy to use meal plan creation template so that you can learn to create your own healthy meals (because teaching you how to do something is better than doing it for you)

About your Coach:

My name is Jaclyn, I’m a Mom, Wife, Obstacle Course Racer, Runner, Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach.  I get how hard it is to find time not only to workout but to eat healthy.  It’s hard to juggle all the responsibilities that us moms have.  But when you take time for yourself you’re a better mom, wife, friend, co-worker and all around happier person!  I’m here to support you and help you do that.

The amount of diets and nutrition advice that is out there is overwhelming.  In reality there are a few simple things that you need to do to create a healthy, lasting lifestyle.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and I am here to teach you how to do just that and fit it into your family’s busy schedule.

As moms we are often driving kids to and from activities, working, volunteering with school and kids events while also trying to maintain a relationship with our significant other and have a bit of a social life.  Things like workouts, meal planning and healthy eating often get pushed aside when stuff gets busy but those are just the things that will help create some calm within the chaos that is mom life.

I’ve been working with women (mostly moms) for over 5 years and it still brings me joy when I see someone go from feeling frumpy and weak to strong and confident.  It’s not always about the number on the scale, feeling strong and beautiful inside and out will bring you lasting changes.

This program is not another “tell you what to do” program.  It’s a program that will TEACH you how to create and sustain healthy habits that you can adapt to meet yours and your families needs. 

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Getting back to the basics and why slowing down is key to reaching your goals

Week 2: How to stop the endless snacking and mindless eating by learning to tune into your body

Week 3: Macronutrients – what they are, why you need them and how they contribute to your workouts & goals

Week 4: Portion sizes – how much of what to eat without counting calories, macros, points or weighing your food and how to create meals that are well balanced and healthy

Week 5: Meal planning made easy – I teach you how to use my simple meal plan template plus nutrient timing (i.e. when to eat what foods)

Week 6: The most important habit that you need to do consistently to reach your goals

Week 7: Sleep and why it is key for recovery and results

Week 8: Tying it all together and a lesson on supplements

Bonus Lesson #1: Race week prep – tips on what to eat, drink and do the week before a race

Bonus Lesson #2: Post Race Recovery – tips on recovery for your mind and body after a race

What people have said about working with Jaclyn


“I am 32 years old and have been working out in a gym for years and have also been running for awhile so I was skeptical of signing up honestly. I have never ran an obstacle course race before and decided it couldn’t hurt to try this program out as I was in the dark for how to train besides some online research. No regrets! Jaclyn is amazing! She encourages you every step of the way. She understands that we are all human and sometimes life gets in the way. You can reach out to her privately and she is more than happy to help you out if you have any questions or concerns. She is very personable and approachable and you can tell she has a big heart and cares about everyone’s successes individually. She checks in with everyone on the group page as well as privately to see how you are doing and where you are at. Jaclyn will also modify the workouts to suit your fitness level and has many informative videos weekly explaining how the workouts are done.”



“I’ve always struggled with my core & upper body strength & this program has really helped in those areas – I am feeling a lot less tired lately & I have seen improvement – I am able to actually do pushups from my toes!!  As well as Burpees (I’ve been using the modified versions) but I am seeing improvement in that area as well..& I can now do 10 full Burpees (without modifying). Jaclyn’s workouts have definitely helped me in this area more than just walking/running on the treadmill ever could.  I’ve come to count my successes more in my ability to get through the workouts & watch my improvements each week.  The workouts that Jaclyn provides with the modifications work towards building up strength & endurance. The exercises are challenging, fun & progressive. Jaclyn has been an amazing motivator”


“What a great experience to get me to ACTUALLY do my first Spartan. It was intimidating and I had no idea how to train for a race like this. Jaclyn’s group training program kept me accountable to my training, and definitely took the fear out of the whole process!”




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