I woke up on New Year’s Day 2017, the morning of the X Resolution Run, to freshly fallen snow, icy roads and -22 degrees (celsius) temperatures.  Not exactly perfect racing weather…  I admit I debated not going to the X Resolution run that I had signed up for months ago.  I went out and shovelled the snow and decided that lots of layers would be in order if we did venture out.

After texting my racing partner, Jody, we decided we should absolutely do the run.  Especially since we had already told everyone we were doing it (yet another reason announcing things on social media keeps you accountable!).

At 10:45 am she picked me up and we headed into Calgary for our 12 pm heat time.  The roads were bad and we saw a lady spin out in front of us on Deerfoot (the freeway for all you Americans), thankfully she was ok and didn’t hit anyone.

We arrived at the race and went to pick up my race package, it was so cold we had to go back to the car to pin our bibs on.  We decided not to wait for the 12 pm heat and we just managed to make it into the 11:30 am heat after (almost) freezing our butts off (literally) in the porta potties.

Just after 11:30 we were off with a group of similarly bundled up racers.  It was cold, the wind froze our faces as it came off the river but it was very pretty with all the freshly fallen snow and the city had at least cleared the path so it wasn’t as slippery as I thought it would be.  Lots of people had their snow pants on but I was ok with my two layers of tights, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t run in snow pants if my life depended on it.

The X runs are fun because you not only run 5 km but you stop every half a km or so at optional penalty zones to do things like Burpees, mountain climbers, v-sits, push-ups and squats.

We hit the first penalty zones and opted to do our push-ups on the back of a bench instead of the snowy ground.  As we left the penalty zone and continued on the path we saw a Dad with his three kids running the race.  They were all cold but they were having fun.  It was motivating to see them running ahead of us, two of the girls were probably the same age as my girls.

We hit a few more penalty zones, squats, mountain climbers, v-ups (they let us do toe touches so we didn’t have to lie down in the snow).  When we got to the water station the water was ice cold and partially frozen.  We turned into Princess island park at this point and went across a pretty bridge.  There was more snow and we soon hit the first Burpee penalty zone.  I have to say, they really did warm me up ;).

Soon we were headed back towards the finish line.  The wind was colder on the other side of the river.  I felt really bad for the volunteers that just had to stand at the penalty stations, at least we were moving and staying warm.  They were all in good spirits, one thing I love about these races is all the volunteers are so friendly and encouraging.

We crossed an icy bridge and then we were on the final stretch to the finish line, then we hit the last penalty station…Burpees.  It was right before the finish line..almost as cruel as putting the muddy rope climb right before the fire jump at the Spartan Race.  The volunteer was fun though and had a giant red dice we rolled to see how many Burpees we had to do, I got 12, better than the original 20.  Right as we finished our Burpees the kids race started and they all came blasting past us, they were so cute and it was so great to see so many kids out doing the race on such a cold, snowy day.

We crossed the finish line and got our medals and then it was off to get a Hot chocolate and a cookie (which was frozen so I stuck it in my pocket for later).  Then of course we had to get coffee on the way home.

It was a fun race and a great way to start 2017!

How did you start the New Year?