Spring is here and for me that means it’s time for two of my favourite things – Race season and Outdoor Bootcamp.  I honestly wait all year for April so that I can finally start working out outside again on a regular basis.  I love driving around and checking out parks and schools and researching ways that I can get creative with Bootcamps to keep them fresh and fun.  This year I’m pretty excited to test out my new sandbag and new ways to use my battle rope for a rope climb and hercules hoist.  

There are so many benefits to group training especially when you’re training for an obstacle course race.  A huge part of OCR is the amazing community and that starts with the training.  OCR training is fun and different and I love to get creative with it.

I wanted to highlight some of the benefits of group training that I have witnessed over the last 5 years of teaching group fitness:

  1. People work harder in a group – I notice this and people tell me this all the time – they work harder in a group than they ever would on their own and they push themselves to try new things that they might not do on their own.
  2. The community feel keeps them wanting to come week after week and is motivating on the days that they don’t feel like working out.
  3. It’s more fun and when it’s fun you are more likely to stick with it.
  4. They feel more confident doing the exercises under the supervision of a certified personal trainer – form is better and often people who complain of pain (particularly in their knees when squatting and lunging) can be corrected and the pain is better.
  5. Laughing burns calories – ok maybe that’s not true (or is it??) but it’s more fun to workout and laugh and complain together than it is by yourself.
  6. People feel prepared on race day – both physically and mentally – the mental strength gained during a hard workout when you feel like quitting but don’t carries over onto the race course.

These are just a few of the reasons why I think Group training is so amazing.  When you find the right fit for you it’s magic and you will reach your goals faster with the support of a community that has your back.  

If you’re in the North Calgary or Airdrie area check out my Outdoor Bootcamp that is starting on April 29th – the focus is on obstacle course race training and it is never the same but always fun!  You can find out more info here – SmartFit Outdoor Bootcamps 2019 

Do you love Group training?

Happy Racing,