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Obstacle Course Race Training for Women
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Do you want to sign up for an Obstacle course race or Mud Run like Spartan, Rugged Maniac, X Warrior or Mud Hero but you feel intimidated and worried that you won’t be able to finish one?  At Smart Fit Personal Training we are passionate about helping women run their first (or second or tenth) obstacle course race (OCR).  Our Obstacle course race training programs not only prepare your body but also your mind for the challenges you’ll face on the race course.  OCR’s are a fun way of challenging yourself and pushing out of your comfort zone, they’re empowering and the feeling of crossing that finish line is unlike any other!

We know how busy life can get and how hard it is to stay motivated on your own.  That’s why we offer many different options to suit your needs and budget from one on one personal training and nutrition coaching to group classes and online programs.  Our 8 week online Overcoming Obstacles race training program will get you off the couch and ready for that race.  If you’re local to the Airdrie, AB area we offer in person race training Bootcamps from May-August.  If you’re looking to take your training to the next level and run an even more challenging race such as the Spartan Beast then our premium coaching programs are for you!

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